The product range widely covers Access control, Time attendance machines (RFID and Biometric), Wi-Fi hand held data terminals, Scanners, RFID Tags, Parking consoles, Booms and barriers, etc.. These products are well supported by application software to give you a total solution like TAMS for time attendance, LIBMAN for library automation, PARKENZY for parking etc. OREX Microsystems is a division of OREX group. After a long history of pioneerism in the mining and commodity handling industries, OREX has entered into providing integrated solutions for industry providing efficiency, time and cost savings.

OREX Microsystems has flexible in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities to provide customized solutions and products as per customer requirements. Systems are created and tested thoroughly before implementation. The After Sale Service Support team consists of fully trained Service Engineers well equipped to provide efficient service at any location.

OREX Microsystem Philosophy

- Provide Quality Products
- Customer Friendly Solutions
- Adjusting products according to Customer Requirements
- Prompt after sale service even in remote and inaccessible areas
- Professionally managed by engineers, MBAs and Sales Professional
- Ensure Client Satisfaction

OREX Microsystem has provided integrated solutions and developed hardware for Oil Industries, Automotive Manufacturing & Dairies etc.

Some of the delivered solutions are

Time and Attendance Flap Barriers for access control
Library Automation Boom Barriers
Capital Asset Tracking Customized turnstiles
File and Documentation Tracking System RFID Attendance Hardware
Inventory and Store Management Biometric machines for Identification
Vehicle and Parking Management System Scanners for Identification
Visitor Management System Printers for bar coding
Cylinder Tracking System Electronic Article Surveillance gates
School Automation TCP/IP based image and video capture
Medical Diagnosis Magnetic field technology for detection
Optical spectrometers for Oil, milk, grease and water
Data capture unit
Connectivity hardware for any kind of networking

Looking to the future, OREX Microsystems is researching and developing technologies in areas like Fluoroscopy and Rapid Test for medical applications, bringing efficiency to mining operations, refineries and chemical plants by developing new management systems software.

Mines Wireless Video Connectivity

The solution consists of High End IP-based PTZ and fixed Surveillance cameras installed in mines. Outdoor-ready HDTV 1080p camera with 30x optical zoom for high-definition video surveillance of large areas, Zipstream, and Gate Keeper features would be deployed at identified locations in mines; these IP Cameras Videos feed can be seen from Control Centre available at Weigh Bridge and from any other location with proper login credentials.


- IP / Network Surveillance
- VMS & Analytics Software
- ANPR & RLVD Application
- Command, Control , Communication Application


Physical Barcode Creation
  • All the existing PC + Accessories to be affixed with a barcode label
  • The label to be generated through a software and barcode printer.

component details, locations and other details.

  • The labels would be affixed at unobtrusive location on the asset.
  • The label would be covered with an over laminate made from Bi-axially oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) – for long life.
Data Entry and Database Creation
  • All the purchases would be entered into the software
  • The software would split up every purchase into individual items
  • Both the lists would be displayed together on the same screen
  • The items on one would be matched with the other either by Serial Number, Item name, Brand, Substring, etc.
  • The unmatched items would be matched manually one by one.
Database Update on New Purchases
  • Once the data base is ready, the fresh purchases would be tagged before disbursement
  • The warranty and AMC would be tracked based on the barcodes
  • The issue and return for the repair would be tagged depending on the barcodes
  • The items on one would be matched with the other either by Serial Number, Item Name, Brand, Substring, ETC.
Key Benefits

ONE CLICK FUNCTION to access complete inventory of the available IT systems, along with their respective locations

Access robust MIS to get information on:

  • Systems getting frequent break downs.
  • Moved items.
  • Missing items
  • Location wise inventory
  • Inventory wise locations


  • Planning corrective action at location equipment getting frequent breakdowns.
  • Monitoring Warranty
  • Monitoring AMC
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Optimization of existing hardware by enforcing warranty repairs
  • Minimizing In and Out movement time of the items sent for repairs
  • Optimization of existing equipment by rotating the equipment depending upon the load
  • Identifying faulty suppliers who either supply equipment which has higher break downs or Do not provide satisfactory repair facilities
  • Minimizing thefts of equipment by frequent stock taking
  • Effective and efficient use of manpower
  • Greater flexibility communication


Our Customised Hardware and Software to monitor the duty patterns and efficiency of security guards deployed at multiples sides