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Coal burned, primarily in boilers, to generate steam for the production of electricity or for process heating purposes, or used as a direct source of process heat. Steam coal, also known as thermal coal, refers to all coal not classified as coking (or metallurgical) coal.

Image by Dominik Vanyi

Indonesian Coal

Since the mid 1990’s Indonesian coal mining in Indonesia has developed significantly. The World Coal Institute gauges that in 2008 Indonesia mined 246 million tons of coal with a little more than 200 million tons of this traded. 2008 coal sends out involved 173 million tons of steam coal and 30 million tons of coking coal. In 2009, Indonesia was the world’s second biggest coal exporter behind Australia and is a significant provider to Asian nations.

Image by Bart van Dijk


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Manyar Harbor in JIIPE Gresik Industrial Park, Surabaya

Manyar Harbor, located in the JIIPE Gresik Industrial Estate, is one of the most well-known ports in Indonesia. Besides its function as a dock. This port is also used as a very efficient loading and unloading access for industrial companies that want to shorten the distribution of goods from the JIIPE Gresik Industrial Estate. This port has a piping system that will facilitate the distribution of liquid and gas objects so that there is no need to load and unload more which can spend more time. And did you know that Manyar Port in the JIIPE Gresik Industrial Zone became the first integrated port role model in Indonesia.

Merak Port Jakarta

Merak Port is a port that connects Java Island with Sumatra Island separated by the Sunda Strait. The port of Merak is the entrance of Lampung Province on the island of Sumatra with the Province of Banten, on the island of Java and vice versa.

Tanjung Perak Harbor

The Port of Tanjung Perak connects Surabaya with other port cities in Indonesia. The construction of Tanjung Perak began in 1910.

Ketapang Harbor

Ketapang Port is a special port for ferries in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. This port is the gateway from Java to Bali and vice versa through the Bali Strait. Every day there are hundreds of ferries that are anchored at the port of Ketapang

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