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Image by Jason Leung


Refractory Ladle.jpg

Refractories for Ladle

1.Ladle Mouth Brick 

2.Bricks for Working Layer 

3.Castable for Permanent Layer 

4.Upper Well Block 

5.Lower Well Block 

6.Upper Nozzle Lining

7.Lower Sliding Plate 

8.Lower Nozzle 

9.Upper Sliding Plate

10.Porous Plug

11.Porous Plug Well Block

12.Ramming Mix

13.Insulating Layer

14.Bricks for Backing Layer

15.Castable for Working

16.Slag Line

17.Materials for Ladle Edge

Properties of MgO-C bricks
Ladle 1.png
Properties of Carbon-free AI2O3-Mgo bricks
Properties of AI2O3 MgO-C AI2O3-Spinel-C , MgO-AI2O3-C and MgO-CaO-C bricks
Ladle 2.jpg
Properties of Argon Blowing Plug
Properties of AI2O3-MgO-Spinel Castable
Properties of High Purity Corundum Castables
Properties of Castables for ladle Permanent Working Lining

Refractories for Tundish


2.Well Block 

3.Tundish Nozzle 

4.Submerge Nozzle 

5.Skimming Dam 

6.Metering Nozzle 

7.Upper Nozzle 

8.Upper/Medium/Lower Sliding Plate

9.Ramming Mix

10.Castable for Backing Layer

11.Dry Vibrating/ Coating Material

12.Insulating Layer

13.Castable for Tundish Roof

14.Long Nozzle

15.Skimming Plate

16.Impacting Plate

Refractory Tundish.jpg
Properties for coating mix for Tundish
Properties AI2O3-SiC-C bricks for pig Iron Ladle and Torpedo Ladle

Refractories for Iron Making 

Properties of coatables for Iron trough and slag runner

Properties of AI2O3-C, AI2O3-SiC bricks for pig iron Ladle
High strength baking-baking Free Ramming Mass for Iron Trough
Properties of AI2O3-SiC-C castables for pig iron ladle and torpedo ladle
Refractory EAF.jpg

Refractories for EAF

1.Backing Layer

2.Dry Ramming Mix

3.EAF Roof

4.Working Layer

5.Well Block

6.Ramming Mix

7.Monolithic Tap Hole

8.End Runner Brick

9.Filling Mix for Tap Hole

Properties of MgO-C bricks for lining of Furnace
Properties of Refined Furnace Roof

Roofs of EAF and Refined Furnace

Properties of dry Ramming mix for EAF Hearth
Properties of EAF Roof
Properties of filling materials for Taphole
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